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Unlock the secrets to peak performance in Revenue Operations (RevOps)! 
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About the Mini-Course

This is a specialized mini-course that does not focus on the technical aspects of RevOps. You’ll gain essential insights and skills that are the driving force behind effective interactions, seamless collaborations, and innovation in the modern high-stress corporate landscape. Our mini-course is tailor-made for startups, SMEs, organizations, and Cross-Functional Team Members in Revenue, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience, seeking to boost their RevOps capabilities and empower themselves, their teams, and their organizations for excellence.


The purpose of the RevOps High-Performance Team Training is to empower Revenue Operations, marketing, sales, and customer experience individuals and teams with the necessary people skills to excel in their roles and drive collective success. This specialized mini-course aims to bridge the gap between individual team functions, foster alignment, and create a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement within the context of Revenue Operations.


Understand the significance of people skills in driving RevOps success. Apply effective decision-making techniques in high-pressure scenarios. Enhance communication strategies to prevent breakdowns in revenue interactions. Foster collaborative teamwork and navigate conflicts within cross-functional teams. Develop leadership and followership skills for optimal revenue outcomes. Manage stress and fatigue to maintain peak performance. Promote a just culture that encourages learning from mistakes and innovation.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to People Skills in RevOps
  • Human Error in RevOps
  • Decision-Making for RevOps Teams
  • Situational Awareness in RevOps
  • Communication Strategies for Alignment
  • Teamwork and Collaboration in RevOps
  • Leadership and Followership in RevOps

Who Should Attend

  • Revenue Operations Team Members and Managers
  • Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience Team Members and Leaders
  • Cross-functional team Members in Revenue Operations, Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience

Mini-course details

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: 49 euro / person

A 4 hours online program that combines a mix of theory from the cutting edge of scientific research, and simple practical exercises.

At the same time, case studies and collaborative exercises are used, with the aim of homogenizing learning.

Technical vs. People Skills: Bridging the Gap

Technical Skills

These are the specific abilities and knowledge required for a particular job or task. While technical skills are undoubtedly essential, they are often not the sole determinants of success in demanding roles. In revenue-focused domains, technical skills lay the foundation, but it’s the non-technical skills that pave the way for exceptional performance.

People Skills

Often referred to as “soft skills, interpersonal skills, human skills” people skills encompass a range of abilities that go beyond technical proficiency. These skills include decision-making, communication, situational awareness, teamwork, leadership, and more. They are the driving force behind effective interactions, seamless collaborations, and innovation in high-stress environments.

Why People Skills Matter?

  • Enhancing Technical Proficiency. Mastering people skills complements your technical prowess. It’s the blend of both skill sets that empowers you to apply your technical knowledge with precision and adaptability, yielding exceptional results.
  • Navigating Complexity. In revenue operations, marketing, sales, and customer experience, challenges often arise that cannot be solved by technical expertise alone. People skills provide the tools to navigate complexities, solve problems creatively, and seize opportunities confidently.
  • Building Stronger Relationships. Effective communication, empathy, and collaboration are essential in today’s interconnected business landscape. People skills enable you to build strong relationships with customers, colleagues, and partners, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Leading and Adapting. Leadership isn’t just about technical know-how; it’s about inspiring teams, fostering innovation, and driving change. People skills empower you to lead effectively and adapt to evolving circumstances.


As a student of this class, you will have access to 2 additional 60′ mentoring sessions, and additional materials such as presentations, templates, notes, and additional resources aimed at increasing your knowledge, developing your skills, and supporting you in transforming this knowledge into profitable action.

The cost is per person. For custom corporate solutions (over 6 participants and / or custom dates & time), as well as for payments with cryptocurrencies use the "APPLY NOW" button above.

15% discount applies to students and the unemployed. To book your seat please contact us directly here (Discount is not available to Early Entries)

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