Viral Growth 10-Week
RevOps Mastery Webinar Series

Elevate Your Revenue Operations Excellence in 10 Weeks

Transforming Revenue Operations Excellence

This is a comprehensive 10-week webinar series training designed to empower revenue-focused teams in achieving exceptional alignment, growth, and success. Building upon the foundational concepts covered in our mini course and the intensive 2-day training and assessment, this program takes a deep dive into the critical areas that drive Revenue Operations (RevOps) excellence.


The purpose of the 10-week webinar series training is to equip revenue-focused professionals with advanced skills, strategies, and insights to excel in Revenue Operations (RevOps) by fostering alignment, collaboration, and exceptional performance across marketing, sales, and customer experience teams. This training aims to bridge the gap between theory and practical application, enabling participants to drive revenue growth, enhance decision-making, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement within their organizations.


Enhance Decision-Making Skills: Empower participants with a deep understanding of human error factors and cognitive biases that affect decision-making, enabling them to make informed choices in dynamic RevOps scenarios.

Elevate Situational Awareness: Help participants translate situational awareness principles from high-risk industries to RevOps, enhancing their ability to monitor market trends, metrics, and critical cues for strategic advantage.

Optimize Communication Strategies: Equip participants with advanced communication techniques tailored to cross-functional teams, enabling them to convey information clearly, empathetically, and effectively.

Forge Strong Team Dynamics: Provide participants with strategies to build cohesive, collaborative cross-functional teams that thrive under pressure, leading to enhanced revenue-focused outcomes.

Exemplify Leadership and Followership: Explore adaptive leadership techniques and followership strategies, enabling participants to lead and empower their teams effectively within the RevOps context.

Promote Psychological Safety: Foster a culture of psychological safety where innovation and calculated risks are encouraged, leading to improved problem-solving and revenue-driven results.

Cultivate a Just Culture: Apply just culture principles from high-risk industries to the business context, creating an environment of accountability and learning that fosters continuous improvement.

Who Should Attend

Professionals in marketing, sales, customer experience, and anyone responsible for revenue generation and alignment within organizations.

This program is also ideal for individuals seeking to refine their skills and strategies to drive revenue growth through effective teamwork and streamlined operations.

Key Takeaways and Benefits

Participants will leave the program with the ability to:

  • Apply advanced decision-making strategies to RevOps scenarios, leveraging knowledge from high-risk industries.
  • Utilize situational awareness principles to make informed decisions based on market trends and critical cues.
  • Communicate effectively and empathetically within cross-functional revenue teams, fostering alignment.
  • Foster collaborative team dynamics, leading to enhanced revenue outcomes and growth.
  • Exhibit adaptive leadership skills and followership strategies to lead and empower revenue teams.
  • Promote psychological safety, encouraging innovation and calculated risks within teams.
  • Implement just culture principles, balancing accountability and learning for continuous improvement.

By the end of the program, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive skill set that enables them to excel in revenue operations, marketing, sales, and customer experience roles, contributing to their organization’s success and their personal growth.

Training Information

  • Duration: 10 weeks (1 session per week)

  • Format: Interactive live webinars with Q&A sessions

  • Dates: [Start Date] – [End Date]

  • Recordings: Access to webinar recordings for review

  • Prerequisites: Completion of Mini Course and/or 2-Day Training 



As a student of this class, you will have access to 4 additional 60′ mentoring sessions, and additional materials such as presentations, templates, notes, and additional resources aimed at increasing your knowledge, developing your skills, and supporting you in transforming this knowledge into profitable action.

Level 1

RevOps High Performance
Team Training Mini-Course

This is a specialized mini-course does not focus on the technical aspects of RevOps. It is designed to elevate the collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness of individuals in Revenue Operations, marketing, sales, and customer experience teams.

RevOps High Performance
Team Training Mini-Course

10 lessons - 20 hours
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Level 3

RevOps High Performance
Team Training & Assessment

Technical skills alone are not enough to drive success in revenue operations, marketing, sales, and customer experience. The key differentiator lies in mastering the art of non-technical skills, the critical emotional intelligence.

RevOps High Performance
Team Training & Assessment

2 Days - 20 hours - Computer-based Simulations
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The cost is per person. If you wish to pay for the training directly, use the “BOOK NOW” button above. Otherwise, contact us for a proforma invoice. For custom corporate solutions (over 6 participants and / or alternative dates), or overseas training, as well as for payments with cryptocurrencies, Contact us here

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